Types of Glassware Used in Bars and Restaurants

Most restaurants and bars usually use different glassware based on the kind of drink or beverage that is served. It is reasonable because in fact these differentiation can give a greatly effect for the presentation. It cans also a factor that can attract more customers to come. Actually, you can also purchase these types of glassware if you wanted it. Before you purchase that, it is better for you to know some types of glassware so you can buy the right one. Below we will inform about those types of glassware.

  1. Collins or Highball

The first glassware is called Collins or highball. The size of this glass is 8Oz – 16Oz or for about 230 ml up to 473 ml. This glassware is usually used for serving some drinks like juices, gin and tenic, aerated drinks and many more.

  1. Rock Glass or Tumbler

This glassware has the size of 6Oz up to10Oz or for about 177ml- 295ml. You will always see this glass to serve some drinks such as On the Rock’s.

  1. Shooter or Whisky

This shooter glassware has smaller size than the other two above. The size of shooter or whisky is 1Oz up to 2 Oz or for about 29ml up to 59ml. As it is named, this glass is perfect for serving the single measures drink of liquor and also shooters.

  1. Beer Schooner

This is a bigger glass that you can use or you usually see for serving some drinks like pilsner and the bottled beer. The size of this glassware is 12 Oz – 14 Oz or for about 354 ml up to 414 ml.

  1. Beer Mug

The fifth type of glassware is called the beer mug. This glassware is perfect for serving some ½ measure of draft beer because it has the perfect size. The size of beer mug is usually 12 Oz up to14Oz or it has the same size like the beer schooner. However, basically they have the different shape or design.

  1. Beer or Pint

The size of one pint is usually 473 ml. this beer or pint is usually used for serving draft beer.

  1. Red Wine or Bordeaux

As it was named, this glassware is perfect for serving the red wine. The size of this glassware is 8Oz up to14 Oz or236 ml up to 414 ml. If you were a fan of red wine, this is a perfect glass that you have to buy.

  1. Wine / All Purpose

This glassware is all purpose or you use it for serving both, the red wine or white wine. Basically, this glassware has the same size like the red wine glassware or Bordeaux.

  1. Champagne Flute or Champagne Tulip

Champagne flute usually comes with the size of 6 Oz up to 8 Oz or for about 177 ml – 230 ml. This glassware usually uses to serve some serving sours, champagne and champagne cocktail as well.

Those are some types of glassware that are used at a Restaurant or Café. Actually, there are still many other types that you can know from some sources.