Kitchen Essentials for Your First Apartment

When you had your first apartment, it means that you have to buy some stuff to fill some rooms on your apartment. One of the important rooms that you need to be filled with many essentials goods is kitchen. What are the essential things that you have to purchase for a kitchen? Below, we will describe the essentials things that you need to buy for the kitchen. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you who is starting to have your own kitchen or for parents who want to collect these goods for their children.

  • Measuring spoons and cups.
  • Wooden spoon. Wooden spoon has a long durability and this is one of the most favorable stuffs in the kitchen.
  • Mixing Bowls. You have to provide some small, medium and large mixing bowl. It can be from plastic, metal, glass or ceramic. You can use the small bowl for beating some eggs, medium for mixing the small batches and the large size for making cookies, bread or the other recipes.
  • Whisk, Spatula and Saucepan
  • Bowl, Plates, Spoons and Forks at least 4 numbers for each kinds.
  • It is really useful for making a simple breakfast from bread, actually in the morning.
  • It will be useful actually if you loved to bake. You can start with the handheld one.
  • You will need this for cutting, chopping and etc. You can buy a knife set or buy the all purpose knife.
  • Knife sharpener. If you had some knives, it is for sure that you have to purchase the knife sharpener. This tool will help to keep your knives sharp. Besides that, this tool is safer as well.
  • Blender is a multifunction tool that you must have on your kitchen. This utensil will help you to do many things such as making juices, smoothies, milkshakes, chopping to pureeing.
  • Rice Cooker. If you loved to eat rice, you have to buy a rice cooker. This is a friendly and easy to use tool to cook rice perfectly. Rice cooker is also can be used for cooking the brown rice, quinoa and the other grains.
  • Rubber spatula. It is an essential tool that can be used to scrap the side of bowl and get the last drop of anything, such as the cake dough and many more.
  • Stoves and microwaves. Yes, we cannot deny that stove is really an essential kitchen utensil. You can choose any types of stove based on your need. You will also need a microwave, especially for making some simple breakfast meals.
  • Cutting board. You can buy the silicone cutting board or a good solid wood for lifelong investment.
  • Roaster, for cooking chicken and other ingredients.
  • This is the best way to cook or preparing some veggies to keep and retain their nutrients and colors. So, this is an important stuff that you have to purchase, especially if you are a vegetarian.

Kitchen Design Western Idea

Designing a kitchen is a fun activity that you can do, but it can be really hard because there are a lot of ideas that you can use as a reference. If you were planning to redesign or starting to design your kitchen, maybe a western idea is a perfect option that you can apply on your kitchen. Today, we will share to you some ideas that you can do to create a western style on your kitchen. We will focus more on European design ideas especially France for this moment. So, check this out.

Kitchen with France style is loved by most people in America. It is because this design can create a warm and beautiful impression in your kitchen. You will also get more family impression by applying France kitchen design idea. It is because usually on this idea, the France villages’ style will be made.

Making a kitchen with French design idea is actually not a hard thing to do, but it is also not that simple. Kitchen on France is usually dominated with lighter colors. That is why; you can use some light colors, but remember for only using the plain paint or colors. Some colors or paints that you can apply are white, calm yellow, green and plain blue. This colors options’ rule is not only for the kitchen walls, but also the furniture that you will place in your kitchen. It is better for you to choose the furniture with bright color with plain motifs.

For the kind of furniture, it is better for you to choose the wooden furniture for this French kitchen design idea. This is the best option to create a natural and good looking French kitchen design idea. It is because we want to show the natural impression that we can get from some wooden furniture. Besides that, wooden materials or wooden furniture are always looking really good and elegant. If you found any scratches on some furniture, you may not do anything in it because that scratch is actually something that we look for. These scratches will add the simple impression that we usually get from some villages in France.

However, although it is really recommended for using much wooden furniture, it is still okay for you to combine that wooden furniture with the other steel elements. However, you have to remember for not using too much steel elements. For the floor, we are really recommending you to use ceramics or wood as the main elements. It will be beautifully uniting with all the things that you have already designed such as the colors of the wall and the furniture that you already choose.

Those are some recommendation and ideas that you can apply if you wanted to make or designing a kitchen with France style. You can do it by yourself, but if you struggling with it, asking the help of experts is really recommended. So, happy designing!

Plastic, Wooden or Rubber Spatula

Spatula is one of the important kitchen utensils that many people or housewives have on their kitchen. Based on its materials and functions, spatula can be divided into four types:

  1. Stainless Steel Spatula
  2. Plastic Spatula
  3. Wooden Spatula
  4. Rubber Spatula

Based on the function, spatula is really essential for stir the food, take the food and many other functions. Below, we will describe about the functions and differences about three kinds of spatula; the plastic, wooden and rubber. Check our explanation below to help you buy the best one.

  1. Plastic Spatula

Commonly, plastic spatula has the same function like the other types of spatula. However, because it was made from light and weak material (plastic) usually this spatula is only used on fryer and takes out the food with light weight as well. The plastic spatula is usually used together with Teflon pan. It is because the plastic spatula will not make any scratches at the Teflon surface. Or in the other words we can say that it is safe enough for Teflon. One thing that you need to note is that this spatula can be easily broken or burnt, especially when you placed it at the tip of hot pan or too close with fire.

  1. Wooden Spatula

Wooden spatula is a kind of spatula that has strong durability. This spatula can be used on the iron or even Teflon pan. This spatula is hard to break. The thing that is always happened is that a lot of people not keep it properly. This triggers some fungi that are grew up on this wooden spatula. The best thing that you can do to keep this wooden spatula is by hanging them on an open area and don’t keep it inside a kitchen cabinet or the other closed place.

  1. Rubber Spatula

This rubber spatula is really interesting. Why? It is because this spatula usually comes with many unique shapes with interesting colors as well. That is why; this spatula is loved by most young cooks and also young housewives. This spatula is made from rubber, which is a light material. It makes this spatula is the right tool that can be used to stir the cake’s dough and smooth ingredients. Actually, this spatula has a long durability. Unfortunately, many people use this spatula in frying process that can break this spatula. We have to know that the rubber spatula does not have a great durability with heat like the other spatula. That is why; you have to be careful in using this spatula. Keep it away from fire or pan with too hot temperature.

Those are a review that we can share about the plastic, wooden and rubber spatula. They maybe have the same function, but they have the different treatments to keep them in the right condition. Now, which one is suited you the most?

Types of Glassware Used in Bars and Restaurants

Most restaurants and bars usually use different glassware based on the kind of drink or beverage that is served. It is reasonable because in fact these differentiation can give a greatly effect for the presentation. It cans also a factor that can attract more customers to come. Actually, you can also purchase these types of glassware if you wanted it. Before you purchase that, it is better for you to know some types of glassware so you can buy the right one. Below we will inform about those types of glassware.

  1. Collins or Highball

The first glassware is called Collins or highball. The size of this glass is 8Oz – 16Oz or for about 230 ml up to 473 ml. This glassware is usually used for serving some drinks like juices, gin and tenic, aerated drinks and many more.

  1. Rock Glass or Tumbler

This glassware has the size of 6Oz up to10Oz or for about 177ml- 295ml. You will always see this glass to serve some drinks such as On the Rock’s.

  1. Shooter or Whisky

This shooter glassware has smaller size than the other two above. The size of shooter or whisky is 1Oz up to 2 Oz or for about 29ml up to 59ml. As it is named, this glass is perfect for serving the single measures drink of liquor and also shooters.

  1. Beer Schooner

This is a bigger glass that you can use or you usually see for serving some drinks like pilsner and the bottled beer. The size of this glassware is 12 Oz – 14 Oz or for about 354 ml up to 414 ml.

  1. Beer Mug

The fifth type of glassware is called the beer mug. This glassware is perfect for serving some ½ measure of draft beer because it has the perfect size. The size of beer mug is usually 12 Oz up to14Oz or it has the same size like the beer schooner. However, basically they have the different shape or design.

  1. Beer or Pint

The size of one pint is usually 473 ml. this beer or pint is usually used for serving draft beer.

  1. Red Wine or Bordeaux

As it was named, this glassware is perfect for serving the red wine. The size of this glassware is 8Oz up to14 Oz or236 ml up to 414 ml. If you were a fan of red wine, this is a perfect glass that you have to buy.

  1. Wine / All Purpose

This glassware is all purpose or you use it for serving both, the red wine or white wine. Basically, this glassware has the same size like the red wine glassware or Bordeaux.

  1. Champagne Flute or Champagne Tulip

Champagne flute usually comes with the size of 6 Oz up to 8 Oz or for about 177 ml – 230 ml. This glassware usually uses to serve some serving sours, champagne and champagne cocktail as well.

Those are some types of glassware that are used at a Restaurant or Café. Actually, there are still many other types that you can know from some sources.

How to choose Quality Refrigerator

Refrigerator is an essential utensil that is used by most people in this world. It can keep the foods and some ingredients in a fresh condition and can have longer durability. Nowadays, there are so many brands of refrigerator with many interesting features that make us a little bit hard to choose the best one. That is why; if you were on this condition, you better pay attentions on some factors below in picking out a refrigerator.

  1. Volume

One of the important factors that you need to consider is about the volume or its space’s capacity. You have to choose the refrigerator’s capacity that suits with your needs. If your daily need was not too much, choosing a middle size refrigerator can be a great idea. However, you can also buy a big size refrigerator because maybe your daily needs will be increasing as time goes by. One thing that you have to think is that you have to suit it with your budget because usually the big size capacity refrigerator is more expensive.

  1. Quality

There are so many new refrigerator brands that we can see at the present time. You can purchase these new brands, but most people recommend for buying the popular brands with great quality. You can search each brand’s quality from any reviews or customers’ comment that you can get from the internet or the other sources. The other way for knowing the quality of a refrigerator’s brand is from the materials that are used. The best material at the present time is called the PCM or Pre Coated Materials. The pros of this material is stronger, have better durability, it is not easy to get scratch and this materials is shinier.

  1. Cooler Technology

In a refrigerator, usually you will see the picture of stars that show the cooler technology. Basically, the amounts of those stars are from 3 up to 5 stars. Three stars sign shows that the maximum cooling ability of a refrigerator is up to -150 degrees Celsius and five stars sign shows that a refrigerator has up to -215 degrees Celsius for the maximum cooling ability.

  1. Features

The next important factor to consider in buying a refrigerator is the feature. We knew that each refrigerator offers different features. However, it is better for you to choose a refrigerator with Multi Air Flow feature. This is an important feature because it can cool the all the spaces inside a refrigerator with the same temperature. This is good to storage some foods and other ingredients. That is why; you have to check about this feature and the other features before buying the right refrigerator.

  1. Electric Consumption

Refrigerator is an electric tool, so the electricity consumption is an important factor to consider. It is better for you to choose a refrigerator with low electricity consumption. Nowadays, there are so many refrigerators that are equipped with cooling technology that can save more electricity. With this technology, you will have lower electrical consumption so you can save more money.